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We do personality driven brand + web design for free-spirited thoughtful businesses, it's nice to meet you!

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If you’re looking for dull, you’re in the wrong place. We design experiences that soothe the soul, seduce the senses & move the mind.

At Studio Copper, we combine strategy with seduction, we turn the technical into tantalizing and we create brand and website experiences that connect emotionally with your audience. Pairing intricate technical web development knowledge with visionary design, we build custom brand and web solutions that really work for you.

Branding and website design is about so much more than aesthetics. It’s about feel, it’s about atmosphere and it’s about passion.

By bringing passion-led design together with precision-led development, we design fully-bespoke immersive experiences that are truly powerful.

Namaskar Yoga

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The Good Launch

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Newsletter Design

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Bold brand design
We don’t do boring here. We design bespoke brands for bold, ambitious, creative businesses who eat, sleep and breathe adventure.

At Studio Copper, brand design isn’t just colour palettes and logos. It’s about really getting to know your ideal client, truly understanding their dreams, their passions and their pains. And then designing immersive brand experiences that speak to their souls.

We help your business connect with your clients on an intimate level by creating atmospheric, empowering brand design. Whether you’re a yoga teacher or a hairdresser, an interior designer or a coffee shop - it’s all about the experience. And that experience starts with brand design.
Dreamy web design + development
Your brand isn’t static; it evolves, adapts and pivots with the changing tide. And we design websites that do the same.

Using interactive, immersive design paired with the latest technologies, we build websites and web solutions that reflect the deep, intimate experience of your brand. A Studio Copper website doesn’t just tell your clients what you do; it shows them first-hand what to expect from your brand.

From membership sites to booking platforms to custom e-commerce solutions, our focus is always on creating web solutions that actually solve problems. Forget trying to cobble together incompatible plugins, and start dreaming of a completely custom solution that removes the admin stress from your life.

We believe in..

...Being innovative

Design changes, all the time. So we do too. We innovate so that we can build the best, most immersive experiences for every client, whatever the business.

...Being daring

We believe in sharing your uniqueness with the world, unapologetically. We dream bold and design even bolder, so you stand out from the crowd.

...Being solution-focused

Your website is built to meet your needs, not anyone else’s, which means that we build real solutions that save you time, money and energy. Take back your freedom, now.
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